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Avatar Buddy

Virtual Mentor

Avatar Buddy


What if every person in the world could have a knowledgeable tutor and an insightful coach at their fingertips? What if that privilege, only affordable to the very few, could be deployed and scaled to propel every individual and level the playing field?


We decided to build this mentor seven years ago, long before the entire world set its eyes on AI.


We saw its potential to help and decided to fearlessly go for it because we knew it would change so many lives.


We decided to take everything we learned in our careers as trainers of talent, as community leaders, and as savvy technologists, and we pursued the exceptional powers of generative AI to elevate the potential of people traditionally overlooked and who needed it the most.


That is how Avatar Buddy was born.


Avatar Buddy is not another chatbot with generic content. Avatar Buddy is unique because it uses key skills needed at any job and blends them masterfully with behavioral and cognitive psychology.


Avatar Buddy is uniquely qualified to tailor its content and knowledge to a particular group of individuals in a specific organization.


Avatar Buddy is a tutor for the millions of kids whose parents are too busy making ends meet to develop their kid's potential.


Avatar Buddy is a virtual mentor for the millions of workers eager to climb the ladder but with little or no mentorship available to them.


Avatar Buddy is a scalable tool for supervisors and teachers that can't find enough hours in a day to teach and inspire every person under their wing.


Avatar Buddy is a knowledgeable tutor, an inspiring mentor, and an exceptionally trained coach. We are ready to provide you with the safe space needed to learn how to get ahead and feel confident, how to master your emotions, and how to become the person you dream of becoming.

AIC 2024 Presentation

AI Uncovered: A CIO's Journey into the Future of IT

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