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Marielena Ascanio
Director & General Associated

To Be Company


With so many situations facing our HR leaders in the face of Labor Reform, a global pandemic, and a digital transformation, it is becoming more and more KEY the figure of HR in companies. On the other hand, are our leaders prepared to face all these changes? To provide continuous feedback? To have the courage to confront difficult conversations? To inspire? To train virtually and to interact, to make it more attractive? Want to know more? Continue reading and write me.

A senior leader with 20 years of international experience in the Development of Human Resources in Corporations. I enjoy collaborating and providing innovative solutions in organizations related to Total Rewards, Productivity, Leadership, and Change Management strategies.

Within large corporations, such as oil and gas and consumer goods, I learned that no matter which industry you are in, HR is always my major focus. My challenge in receiving a position was to transform it with added value.

After 20 years, I developed Total Rewards strategies, aligned to the market, successfully implemented them in 5 companies, accompanied with a change management and communications plan.

In 2015, I founded Total Rewards Update, because many LATAM companies need innovative and creative solutions related to C&B, easy and quick to implement. Achievements: 100% of the companies had a compensation policy to better manage their resources. I designed a 4-module Total Rewards workshop to improve knowledge regarding current techniques in the Total Rewards area, finding practical and innovative solutions, for more than 50 participants, with more than 65% satisfaction above what was expected in the surveys.

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