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Agile International Conference

Survive & Thrive Together



How To Integrate Goal Setting in Leading Change

Speaker: Veronica Stewart

Leading the Growth: A Product Owner's Guide to Successful Products and Culture.

Speakers: Burak Ozan, Anderson Ouriques

Agile & Business Metrics: An interactive discussion with audience participation.

Speakers: Arthur Zigman, Chris Heritage

$0 to $30M via Agile Transformation. myBasePay Fundraising & Launch Story

Speaker: Jahn Karsybaev

Release Fitness: Beyond Continuous Delivery

Speakers: Robert Sarnack, Ariel Alonso

​Enhancing team collaboration: Improve the one thing that can impact everything

Speakers: Mark Kilby, Danny Presten

Trends in Agile Talent Recruitment

Speaker: Rick Connolly

How to Scale Agile with minimum viable bureaucracy?

Speaker: Fabian Schwartz

AIC Gallery

Attended Agile Transformation Conference today in Pinecrest Gardens. Such a joy to finally meet so many agilists who became family during the pandemic.
Great program, great speakers, great engagement. See you all next year 😊

Marcela Phillips

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Thank you for an amazing day of presentations and speakers with great insights, some valuable takeaways, the joy of making new friends and the pleasure of seeing a few old ones.

Your mission to donate proceeds to non profits who are serving our communities is admirable and I’m so glad to have been there.

Geri O'Toole

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Kick off for the Agile International Conference was 🔥🔥🔥

Michael Lee

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