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Anthony has participated in 28 and led 23 agile transformations over 24 years (since 1999!). He has a passion for business agility, culture change, metrics, agile portfolio management. And gamification too!

He has spoken at over 30 conferences in the US and internationally, writes for TechBeacon e-magazine, has created the Pocket Coach app to help teams track their skill growth, and has a YouTube channel full of helpful agile videos.

He has led change in many industries including banking, automotive, healthcare, financial, government, retail, automated controls, manufacturing, power, telecom, home mortgage and more.

AIC 2023 Presentation

Projects to Products: What it means and how to start

The mindset shift from project thinking to product thinking is a big trend in Agile circles and got a huge boost when Mik Kersten released his book "Project to Product: How to Survive and Thrive in the Age of Digital Disruption with the Flow Framework" in 2018. We will explain what these words mean, why an organization should try them, and what the steps are to get there. We will also cover how a project-to-product mindset can accelerate agile initiatives, devops culture, and digital transformations.

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