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Arthur Zigman

Art has a very varied background having worked in many fields, He has managed a Human Rights office for New York State, was a Chief Planner in Hudson County for Economic Development and Waste Management, and has an extensive background in Real Estate,. His love of transformation, making things better, started with his first love, computers, searching for a machine that could do his home work. This evolved with his work as an Administrative Analyst, owning his own consulting company and then spending 17 years at IBM before going full time into Agile Coaching.


IBM is a unique company in that you must continually evolve yourself to survive. He started there as a Business Transformation Consultant, performing organization and process design within IBM in the office of the BT/CIO, and Sales. He became certified by IBM as a Business Transformation Consultant and later as a Lean Six Sigma black belt improving processes across the CIO and IT areas.  His first project to design & implement, the Business Transformation Management System for IBM leading the Product Development Management System which included SDLC. and designing and implementing the enterprise requirements management process & tools,


He became enamored with Agile and designed and deployed Agile methods for IBM software development in 2007, ultimately becoming a Transformation Consultant with expertise in Agile Coacing, He has since coached executives, leadership, Scrum and Kanban teams across all areas of the IBM CIO, various Banks and other companies in both technology, and non-IT environments.

His certifications are:

  • ​SAFe SPC 5.1

  • Scrum Master; Certified by Agile Alliance

  • Certified in LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) by Craig Larman

  • Kanban KMP

  • Agile Coach ICC-ACP

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt; Certified by IBM

  • Business Transformation Consultant; Certified by IBM 

  • IT Governance by CGEIT

  • Black Belt in Eskrima Karate

Marcelo Lopez

Known as an "Agile Detective", or "Agile Mythologist", Marcelo is about getting to the heart of what helps people "uncover better ways" together.

As a Certified Scrum Trainer and Accredited Kanban Trainer, he shares his nearly 40 years of software and product development and management experience ranging from Medical Devices to ForEx, Insurance, and Telephony systems among others, with students from across the world, all with his local Miami "Sazon" (flavor). 


Currently, he also works with a financial institution as their Enterprise Coach.


His "mantra" is, "Talk to each other, people."

AIC 2023 Presentation

REACH to Reinvent

  • Establish a transformative mindset and game plan needed to usher innovation. Treat leadership as an endurance sport. Learn to find your stride and build mental resilience in an organization especially when taming toxicity. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. 

  • Choose your talent, build your dream team, and learn the plays necessary to create meaningful change.

  • Establish a grander purpose, a societal impact leaving people inspired to be the best version of themselves and do their best work.

  • Build a culture founded from trust, building a safe environment that supports innovation in which failing fast and empowerment are major keys to success.

  • Celebrate your wins. Learn from your failures. Most importantly, do it as a collective team with radical collaboration.

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