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Jonathan Harding is a Solutions Architect for HCL Software in the Secure DevOps portfolio of applications.  He has supported VSM and other DevOps system design and implementation for several global Fortune 100.   Jonathan is an impactful technologist with extensive experience in systems engineering, DevOps, and Agile Methods and is a believer that VSM represents the sweet-spot at the intersection of these approaches.

AIC 2023 Presentation

Agile Has Gotten You Close - Value Stream Management Can Take You Over the Finish Line

Enterprises are well on their way with Agile, Lean Methods and DevOps, and many have made substantial gains, but are they focused on the right things?  Are they truly able to deliver high quality innovation at scale. Innovation which is aligned to desired business outcomes and delighting customers? 

Value Stream Management (VSM) bridges that gap helping Agile organizations visualize work and maximize the flow of value through software delivery pipelines connecting business outcomes to technical activities. 

 So, let’s talk about what this actually means and share the opportunities VSM adoption presents to Agile teams, going beyond just the technical delivery pipeline. VSM helps teams see where opportunities for improvement exist with the goal of optimizing flow, eliminating waste, reducing risk and enforcing the right level of governance across the journey to value.

And so that it’s not all talk, Jon and Al will demonstrate what HCL Software offers to support organizations who are moving beyond Agile, Lean Methods and DevOps. The time has come to embrace VSM and move beyond perceived barriers:  the time has come to just start doing!

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