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Luis Zayas is a technology-agnostic executive with over 20 years of experience helping organizations of all shapes and sizes modernize their business through the practical application of technology. Throughout his career, Luis has led several large multi-year transformation initiatives overhauling legacy technologies, modernizing business processes, and deploying customer-centric solutions. Luis’ experience spans the full technology spectrum, but his ace is enabling people to tackle complex problems and develop robust yet simple solutions across the enterprise. His career has had many twists and turns, from working at a startup and learning what it takes to be a technology entrepreneur pushing the envelope of innovation to lead fortune 500 companies through technology journeys they did not think were possible. 

As a child, Luis was always curious about how things worked. He would spend hours in his grandfather’s workshop dismantling electronics, dissecting them, and putting them back together. That curiosity over the years grew into a burning desire to understand the technology and how best to apply it to solve problems. Luis is passionate about learning, systems thinking, finding simple and creative solutions to complex problems, and mentoring.

Today Luis heads up the Office of the CIO at Ryder, overseeing all technology investments and ensuring sound business processes and technology-enabled solutions are implemented, striving to perfect the supply chains that help our customers deliver on their promises. When he is not on a campaign to transform organizations, or trying to fix something around the house, he loves spending time with close family and friends. Occasionally, he may even sneak in some deep-sea fishing.

AIC 2023 Presentation

The “gotchas” of an agile transformation

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