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Veronica has helped organizations of all sizes and industries with their journey toward Agility since her first experience with Agile in 2008. Her background in Science Education, Product, Portfolio & Program Management provides a diverse perspective to guide leaders and their teams in creating new behaviors and actions that foster new ways of working and thinking to be nimble, adaptive, and strategically aligned with a customer-focus using outcome and value-based frameworks with lean-agile practices for value delivery.   She believes creating a relentless learning culture is a natural accelerator for change to evolve an organization. People are the engine that drives successful outcomes. 


You will find Veronica sharing her discoveries in game-changing outcomes and science-based approaches that will amplify the adoption of new ways of\\ working at local and virtual communities, conferences, and on Linkedin.

AIC 2023 Presentation

Radical Product Thinking for Change Leadership

What do people, problems, and strategies have in common? Product Thinking.


Creating world-class products and services is a discipline that some organizations seem to master, and others struggle to achieve. We read about the visionaries like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs and may think it is a magical gift bestowed on the few.

In the last decade, we’ve learned to over-rely on iteration. In a growing economy where credit was plentiful, the tech industry has repeatedly chanted the innovation mantra “Fail fast, learn fast.” Methodologies such as Lean Startup and Agile have taught us to innovate faster by harnessing the power of iteration. We’ve learned to build products and scale our companies by testing things in the market, seeing what works, and iterating. But inherently, “seeing what works” is optimizing for short-term results.


An iteration-led approach can move financial metrics up and to the right, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll build game-changing products.


What if we took this same mindset and approach with our Agility adoptions that combine strategy, design experience, and change management?


What if every Agile CoE, Transformation Office and etc. applied radical product thinking practices to help solve wicked problems that help grow businesses through a product thinking lens with a vision-led approach?


In this session, you will learn:


-The basic understanding of product thinking in relation to the three wicked problems- strategy, experience design, and change management

-How to use Radical Product Thinking to be smarter on how you innovate change

-Practical application examples to get you started

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