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Quincy Jordan is a seasoned leader with over twenty years of consulting experience that has spanned Agile, Lean Start-up, Six Sigma, and Waterfall in domains from IT, Aviation, Finance to Real Estate.  He has worked with some of the world’s top companies to transform their organizations into successful Agile eco-systems.  There is a passion for seeing others excel in their discipline that drives Quincy to go over and beyond for others.  He has a knack for bringing unique insight to clients and drawing the intangibles that matter to the surface of very complex situations to derive simple solutions.  Quincy is also an accomplish speaker and has been a guest for several top global Agile conferences and various local meetups in the U.S. and Canada.  He is a frequent guest for the Agile Coach’s Corner Podcast and an avid sharer of understanding.

AIC 2023 Presentation

Agile Psychology: Rise of the Agile Jedi

Have you ever considered that more than ever before many IT professionals are faced with their biggest challenge yet, working through change with other people? Let’s face it, ‘change is hard’, even for the most agile of us. Now with the blossoming advent of Agile Transformations worldwide you must advance beyond your technical expertise into applying the ability to influence others while harnessing your technical edge. But how do you effectively influence others? No matter how technically adept you are if you can’t connect with individuals, you will likely struggle to influence the broader organization. So, as Transformation Consultants and Agile Coaches it is imperative that you join the ranks of becoming an Agile Jedi who can guide, influence, and motivate others to a successful Agile Journey.


Learning Outcomes:

• How to influence leaders’ appetite to increase agile adoption rates in their organizations?

• Why increasing dopamine levels of team members is imperative to team success?

• How to increase individual intrinsic value, while contributing to an outcome of sustainable business value?

• Using ‘small wins’ to open the door of team motivation and increase happiness

• How to positively impact the Agile Transformation by emotionally connecting with key influencers?

• How teams overcome the introvert’s fear of the lively personality of the extrovert?

• How teams overcome the extrovert’s fear of the introvert’s silence causing team failure?

• …and much more.

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