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William W. Davis works in the IT industry, promoting personal and organizational agility, and sharing innovative tools/techniques with fellow agilists, project managers, developers, functional managers, and organizational leaders.

William has 37 years’ experience working in IT as a software developer and technical project manager for numerous IT

AIC 2023 Presentation

You Can Bet On It: How to Set Stakeholder Expectations about Your Agile Uncertainties

In this presentation, you will explore the difficulty of confidently answering stakeholder questions such as, "When will it be done?" and "How much will it cost?". Unlike traditional projects and product development which rely on extensive analysis, requirements gathering, and detailed designs to predict delivery timelines and budgets, agile development emerges incrementally over time. But stakeholders still ask the same questions. Come learn how to assess your own sense of uncertainty and discover practical ways of answering tough questions using the language of Vegas gamblers.

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