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David Hartmann, CSM, Founder & CEO of The SilverLogic (, architects platforms and innovative technology solutions for startups and enterprises in a variety of industries combining APIs and cutting-edge technologies, such as RPA, AR, IoT, and Blockchain. His mission is to streamline the process of bringing innovative ideas to life enabling more people to build amazing user experiences. At TSL, he has built multiple scrum development teams exploring and building technology. In the last years, he has led his teams to multiple separate hackathon wins, at the Bitcoin Miami, eMerge Americas (for 5 consecutive years), HLTH Hack, and money20/20 hackathons.

He is the CTO of a variety of startups, such as Lumentender, VuPulse and Fortr3ss Identity. He serves as a mentor in recognized organizations, such as FAU Tech Runway, The VMT, Watson Institute, , and supports the entrepreneurial community as the main sponsor of Startup Grind PB.

AIC 2023 Presentation

Agile Salaries - Crack the Code for Organizational Growth & Loyalty

Dealing with high turnover and challenges how to inspire growth in your teams? Losing a great team member can harm the velocity of any team. Turn this challenge into an opportunity to create lasting organizational growth and loyalty. This talk might sound like an HR topic but is targeted towards leaders that want to empower their teams to be inspired by gamified growth and find out more about a much more tailored compensation model than traditional promotions.

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