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Former Mckinsey & Company digital and agile expert. He is an effective integrator who helps teams reach creative, winning solutions across organizational and functional lines; he provides broad expertise and a practical framework that brings out the best in teams and individuals.


He brings 20+ years of expertise in creating technology solutions and building sustainable digital capabilities for his clients. In the last 7 years, his work has included building new digital businesses, product incubators and innovation labs and leading large-scale agile/digital transformations at various clients around the world (Canada, USA, Australia, Mexico, Japan, Colombia, and others).

AIC 2023 Presentation

Talent Wars: How to Scale your Agile/Digital Transformation

The talent war is not new. I have been talking about the waging wars on talents since 2013. I witnessed how big organizations targeted talented individuals or a skilled technical person and, in just 3-6 months, staged the “capture.” In addition to such turbulence, add COVID-19 disaster and a whole lot of change.


A talent team plays a key role in any transformation. They are those people who bring the right person in our team, help lead onboarding, assist training, and keep the new talents engaged. Imagine what’s going to happen when we are in the middle of a transformation or a big change and the right person does not show up.


Learnings and takeaway:

• How to sign +100 contracts in 30-45 days to build your digital factory (Bank industry)?

• How to accelerate from 3-4 months time frame to only 4 weeks and finish recruitment (CPG industry)?

• Stop, once and for all, thinking that “I am {your company name}, and everyone wants to work with us.” Instead, think more like “I need to go where my talent is and work with them to create the right experience.”

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