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15+ years in sales

7+ years in business consultancy

Business cases in 20+countries

SWAY helped to earn $20M+ in revenue for one US business in 2021

Founder of SWAY (Sales with Agile system). SWAY helped earn $20M+ in revenue in US businesses in 2021.

Agile in sales expert

AIC 2023 Presentation

Seven Laws of Successful Agile Transformation

During the last ten years, Agile experts around the world have argued whether Scrum is a framework or a method. They discuss which is better SAFe or LeSS. But we seldom discuss why so many Agile transformations around the world fail! Why do executives not embrace Agile, and why do they think Agile is only for information technology (IT) departments? I believe during this conference we should share with each other our best practices and help to change this situation. During my talk, I will share the laws that helped me successfully apply Agile from the top down in such diverse industries as brokerage houses, TV, hotels, hospitality, retail, and health care.

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