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Stacey Ackerman is a well-known thought leader in the agile software and agile marketing communities. For nearly a decade, she has successfully transformed traditionally-run companies into cultures and teams that embrace agility. She’s a regular contributor on agile marketing for MarTech and speaks at global agile conferences, including multiple years at the Global Scrum Gathering. Ackerman co-trained alongside Mike Cohn, agile guru and co-founder of the Scrum Alliance and Agile Alliance, for several years. She also helped launch a global agile community, Agile Mentors, where she brought together thousands of agile practitioners for learning and collaboration. Ackerman was on the leadership team for the revised Agile Marketing Manifesto in 2021. Most recently, she co-founded Agile Marketing Navigator, a flexible framework for implementing agile marketing. She has worked with clients including Shipt, Premier Health, Bio-Techne,  Sleep Number Corporation, and MetLife.

AIC 2023 Presentation

What is Hybrid? Let's Navigate Agile Marketing!

Are you struggling to implement agile outside of software development? We’ve had that same experience and we’re going to share how the Agile Marketing Navigator, a new community-created framework, takes a pragmatic approach to guide you through an agile transformation that actually resonates with marketers.


As we've evolved beyond software to a business agility world, adoption has been slow and painful outside of IT and most departments are decades behind their software counterparts. Scrum has been the gold standard in agile transformations in software development and it has served them well for 20 years.


In Marketing, we've been trying to implement agile with a "hybrid framework", but what the hell is hybrid? Nobody knows...


As a marketing community, we knew there had to be a better way to implement agile. That's why a group of agile and marketing leaders iterated for months over the best ways to get agile to really resonate with marketers.


We knew we wanted a framework that was directly tied to the Agile Marketing Manifesto Values & Principles. Rather than being dogmatic, we wanted something simple, customizable and easy to implement.


We'll share with you the new Agile Marketing Navigator framework and why it's becoming the gold standard for agile marketing transformation.

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