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Joanne is an Enterprise Coach, Leadership Coach, Entrepreneur and Key Note Speaker.  She is the founder of Wick’d Agility and the Agile Mentorship TO Program. Wick’d Agility brings wicked problems and agility together to serve our planetary challenges. The Mentorship program, founded in 2017, serves a gap between new agilists and experienced agilists, bringing knowledge and connection within our Agile Community.


Joanne has been part of two keynote panelists to discuss Planetary Challenges and Agility in 2022 and is seeking to bring more awareness and action in 2023.


Joanne loves building connections and communities. Joanne has been in IT for 30 years, led teams of 200+ individuals and has been in the agile space for 11 years. She leads by example, embraces the unknown and vulnerability, brings out the best in others, and is continually seeking ways to improve. She is an entrepreneur, expert agile coach, certified professional coach, executive, trainer, and proud mother of 4 daughters and 2 dogs. Her expertise helped create teams, leaders, and organizations make a difference at work.

AIC 2023 Presentation

Our Role in Agility and Planetary Challenges

One of the biggest shifts that organizations, communities, governments, and non-profits are facing and will be facing in the next century is an increased focus on addressing social, economic, and/or climate challenges that everyone is facing or is currently impacted by.


Did you ever think that Agility could be used in these global problems that we are facing?


Joanne is the founder of Wick’d Agility and has interviewed over dozens of Agilists and community members over the last 2 years to determine what Agilists are currently doing in this space, what commonalities there are, what wisdom these amazing practitioners have, and what challenges they have faced. The stories range from working with under resourced students in the US, to governments in rural Canada, to marginalization in the middle east. Joanne brings the awareness and collecting stories of what different communities and Agilists are doing and has shared her views at two keynote panel talks with Lyssa Adkins.


What could be our role? What challenges do we face? How can we move in this daunting space to make a difference?


As part of this discussion, let’s:

  • Build awareness of where Agility has been used in our local communities and beyond to make an impact. How are current role can help. How we can work with global climate, social or economic partners to shift where we can make the most impact now.

  • What our communities are doing to keep Agility and Planetary Challenges on the top of our mind in 2023

  • Discuss the challenges of addressing Planetary Challenges with Agility and what we need to be able to become to address them.

  • Discuss how you can get involved.

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