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Taz Brown
Founder & CEO
AdaptX Innovations


In my role as an Enterprise Agility Strategist/Officer at Cisco, I bring over two decades of expertise in IT infrastructure and Linux engineering, augmented by a deep 12-year involvement in agile and professional coaching. My proficiency in agile methodologies, Scrum, Kanban, and cutting-edge software development is endorsed by a comprehensive array of agile certifications, including Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM), ICAgile Certified Enterprise Agile Coach, Certified DASA DevOps Coach, Kanban Coaching Professional, and my distinguished position as an Accredited Kanban Trainer and Consultant.

A significant facet of my expertise is in effectively scaling agile practices using the Systems Thinking Approach to Implementing Kanban (STATIK). I have demonstrated exceptional skill in integrating the precision and effectiveness of Kanban into organizational culture. In particular, my experience in utilizing Kanban Dojos stands out as a key strategy in accelerating the launch of Kanban teams and systems. These immersive, dojo-style learning experiences have proven instrumental in rapidly establishing robust Kanban practices within teams, fostering a hands-on, experiential approach to agile transformation.

In the areas of organizational agility, leadership, and change, I have consistently focused on aligning corporate objectives with agile values, cultivating an environment where continuous improvement and innovation are central tenets.

My coaching approach emphasizes empathy and empowerment, steering teams and stakeholders through the agile landscape with a resolve to tackle challenges, streamline processes, and prioritize customer-centric value delivery. This approach has successfully led to marked reductions in delivery times, heightened efficiency, and enhanced quality and stability across various engagements.

Central to my mission is a commitment to innovating in agile software development and DevOps practices, with a particular focus on refining testing and product implementation. Leveraging my in-depth knowledge in Kanban and DevOps, my aim is to optimize workflows, reinforce feedback mechanisms, and amplify value delivery. This, coupled with my dedication to empowering teams and organizations, drives my efforts in helping them achieve their strategic goals in today's rapidly evolving digital era.

AIC 2024 Presentation

AI Uncovered: A CIO's Journey into the Future of IT

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