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Host: Rick Regueira

Raffle & Closure

Host: Rick Regueira

Panel: The Future of the Agile PMO

Host: Regina Batista

Panelists: Amado Cruz, Felipe Espinosa, Roberto Lopez, Luis Zayas

Leading the Growth: A Product Owner's Guide to Successful Products and Culture.

Speakers: Burak Ozan, Anderson Ouriques

Agile & Business Metrics: An interactive discussion with audience participation.

Speakers: Arthur Zigman, Chris Heritage

Leadership Track

Main Auditorium

Business Agility Track

Cypress Hall

Team Track

Hibiscus Gallery

11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

1:00 PM - 1:50 PM

2:00 PM - 2:50 PM

3:00 PM - 3:50 PM

4:00 PM - 4:50 PM

Enhancing team collaboration (anywhere): Improve the one thing that can impact everything

Speakers: Mark Kilby, Danny Presten

Panel: Successful Digital Transformations utilizing Agile

Host: Fernando Mejia

Panelists: David Ralph, Vanitha Preston

Trends in Agile Talent Recruitment

Speaker: Rick Connolly

Panel: C-Level Organizational Transformation

Host: Rick Regueira

Panelists: Jay Smith, Michael Fowler, Ann Dozier, George Labelle, Julio Morales

How to Scale Agile with minimum viable bureaucracy?

Speaker: Fabian Schwartz

How To Integrate Goal Setting in Leading Change

Speaker: Veronica Stewart

Release Fitness: Beyond Continuous Delivery

Speakers: Robert Sarnack, Ariel Alonso

$0 to $30M via Agile Transformation. myBasePay Fundraising & Launch Story

Speakers: Jahn Karsybaev

Panel: Agile Coaching Secrets to Successful Agile Transformations

Host: Marcelo Lopez

Panelists: Andres Borque, Vinita Rajpal, Ernesto Custodio

Business Agility for ALL

Speakers: Robert Dandrea, Luis Salazar

Lunch Break

Lunch Break

FPL Quadruped Robot Demonstration

Presenters: Scott Caddell, Nathan Friedenberg


Host: Mai Vu

Time: 12:30  PM - 12:50 PM

12:00 PM - 12:50 PM


5:00 PM - 5:20 PM

Jay Smith
CIO of Tracfone Wireless
a company by Verizon
Keynote Speaker
Lyssa Adkins
Agility & Leadership
Keynote Speaker
Ken Rubin
Managing Principal
at Innolution
Keynote Speaker
Sally Elatta
CEO, Founder
Keynote Speaker
Rick Regueira
Chief Executive
Conference Host
Take a look at our Amazing Venue!
Business Agility,
Beyond IT

Has your Agile transformation stalled in IT and not propagated to the rest of the organization? How do you kickstart expanding Agility into your Business areas? 


Come join us and discover from renowned Agile Experts and Leaders in the industry, how they successfully overcame their challenges and implemented “Business Agility, Beyond IT”.

Don't miss your
Next Career Opportunity

Are you looking for your next career opportunity? Or just want to network and meet like-minded professionals?  


Don’t miss the opportunity to network and learn from Agile Leading Innovators with more than 20 years of experience. Agile Experts and Practitioners in the industry, C-level Executives will share their Business Agility stories and lessons learned.  Meet with Recruitment Experts that will help you find your next promotion

Give back to your

GIVING is one of our key organizational values. Our focus has always been to give back to our Agile Community, via our free weekly Agile Meetups & Agile Coaching Clinics. In addition, this year's AIC 2023 proceeds will be donated to help kick start a scholarship program for young women in the business & technology fields. Don’t miss the opportunity to give back.

What Do I
  • General Admission to Exhibit Floor

  • Access to Executive Leadership Track

  • 1:1 Personalized Agile Coaching Clinic 

  • Access to After Party Reception

  • Exclusive Lanyard & Badge

  • Premium Filled Swag Bag

  • Free Raffle Ticket for Door Prizes

  • 2nd Anniversary Commemorative T-Shirt

  • Breakfast and Lunch

  • Business Agility “Beyond IT”

  • Agile Transformation Case Studies

  • Executive Leadership Panel 

  • Women in Leadership 

  • Agile Mindset and Continuous Learning Culture 

  • Digital Transformation

  • Agile Coaching  Capabilities

  • Team and Technical Agility

  • Agile Roles & Effective Agile Tools 

  • Future Agile PMO 

  • Agile Product Management 

  • Personal Agility

Why Should I Attend?

AIC 2023 Theme & Tracks

AIC 2023 Speakers

Jay Smith


Tracfone Wireless

a company by Verizon

Presentation Title:

Reinvention through Culture, Purpose, & Talent

Agility & Leadership

Presentation Title:
The Agilists’ Emerging Superpower and Our Planetary Challenge

Managing Principal
at Innolution

Presentation Title:

End-to-End Organizational Agility Requires A Non-Project Unit of Focus

Sally Elatta

CEO, Founder

Presentation Title:

Scaling Business Agility Across The Enterprise.

Pedro Domit

TracFone Wireless

Presentation Title:

Customer Experience Journey

Felipe Espinosa

Project Management Office
Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits

Presentation Title:

Demystifying Product Management

Robert Dandrea

Former CMO

Presentation Title:

Business Agility for ALL

Burak Ozan

Sr. Director, Center of Excellence


Presentation Title:

Leading the Growth: A Product Owner's

Veronica Stewart

Director of Agile Practices

Envestnet, Inc

Presentation Title:

How To Integrate Goal Setting in Leading Change

Omar Bermudez

VP of Consulting Practices

Rebelia Consulting

Presentation Title:

Talent Wars: How to Scale your Agile/Digital Transformation

David Hartmann


SilverLogic LLC

Presentation Title:

Agile Salaries - Crack the Code for Organizational Growth & Loyalty

Chris Heritage

Atlassian Product Owner

NextEra Energy

Presentation Title:

Agile & Business Metrics: An interactive 
discussion with audience participation

Michael Kublin



Presentation Title:

Leadership Is a Process Not an Event