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Past Events

Agile International Conference 2022

Agile Tools

Summit 2014

High Performing Teams

Conference 2013

The Agile Tools Summit 2014, in partnership with Nova Southeastern Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences, addressed the growing interest in software tools for Agile teams. What cutting-edge tools were out there, what did they do, and who was using them. Starting with Backlog management tools, and extended all the way through online collaboration tools, test automation, and continuous delivery tools; expert spoke in day packed full of thought leadership and industry best practices. Additionally, we had different Tools companies with tables where you were able interact, ask questions and see their Agile product.

High Performing Teams Conference 2013

2021 Agile Community of Practice

Over 1640 Attendees!

Our expert Agile coaches share Agile best practices for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners. In this event, participants have a safe environment where they can ask any questions and share personal experiences without judgment. Walk away with recommendations on what Agile tools and techniques best apply to your team’s needs. 

Agile Transformation Summit 2015

The Agile Transformation Summit 2015 brought together the South Florida Agile community across Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach. It was a full day of Agile education, advanced topics, and mingling with people from around the US and Latin America. Additionally, Agile tools companies were in the exhibition section open to interacting, answer questions, and demo their products.

Agile Transformation Summit 2018

The South Florida Agile Association (SFAA) brought in top international and local speakers for a one-day conference in 2018. This was an exclusive event for 100 attendees focusing on one of the key challenges facing organizations: “How to transform your company to be able to support today’s dynamic marketplace.”

The first Agile International Conference in South Florida gathered hundreds of Agilists from all over the world, who shared their Agile expertise with over 200 hundred attendees!