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Carla Zarlenga
Director "Just To Be"
To Be Company


As the Director of Portfolio and Project Management Office (PPMO) at Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits, I oversee the IT portfolio and program management for the largest North American wine and spirits distributor. With over 18 years of IT experience in various industries, I have developed a strong background in project management, IT service management, and business analysis.

I am passionate about delivering value to the business through innovative and agile IT solutions, while ensuring alignment with the strategic vision and goals. I have successfully led multiple large-scale and complex IT programs, such as the Microsoft Dynamics platform implementation, the IT infrastructure and support transformation, and the IT strategic planning exercise. I hold several certifications, including PMP, SPC, and ITSM, and I am fluent in Spanish. I am always eager to learn new skills, explore new challenges, and collaborate with diverse teams.

Journalist, Ontological Coach and Bio-danza Master-teacher. For 17 years she worked in front of the cameras and microphones of important television and radio stations in her country. Her passion for journalism moved her to look for a tool that would allow her to conduct powerful interviews; she found it in Ontological Coaching.

In 2003 she was trained in this profession, and since then she has applied this methodology in her profession. The love between Carla and Coaching came at first sight. So did the passion for Bio-danza. In 2006, she began her training in this corporal technique that demanded years of specialization (Minotaur Project, The Four Elements, Clinical Bio-danza, Tree of Wishes, Creativity Labs). She feels lucky: she met and danced with Rolando Toro, creator of this method.

She has deepened in the methodology known as Alba Emoting and was trained in morpho-psychology. With these techniques she has enriched her insatiable interest in deciphering the body and its impact on the results we obtain.

She is co-author of the BE4 measurement tool, the only one on the market that allows us to recognize behavioral tendencies with high precision based on corporeality. For this purpose, she uses the analogy of the four elements of nature: fire, water, air and earth.

Since 2007, she has certified hundreds of organizational leaders as ontological coaches in national and international training programs. She is co-author of the four books in the BECOACH collection: Language, Emotions, Method, and Body. These texts include powerful content for the development of the linguistic, emotional, and corporal potential of leaders, both in their personal and organizational environments.

She is founder and partner of TO BE Company, dedicated to training and intervention in business teams that need to achieve high performance. She is currently the academic director of the TBC School of Ontological Coaching, To Be Coach.

AIC 2024 Presentation

AI Uncovered: A CIO's Journey into the Future of IT

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