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Katrina L. Coker
The Scrum Mother, LLC


Katrina Coker, also known as “The Scrum Mother” on TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn, is an experienced Senior Scrum Master, Collaborator, and Coach. She has more than 10 years of experience collaborating with stakeholders at all levels of an organization in capacities that include R&D, Q&A, database management, recruiting, training, kanban, scrum and conflict management. She works with teams in Atlanta, GA; Dallas, TX, Poland and India, and she is excited to share tips and tricks with other Scrum Masters on how all that works, especially in a time of chaos, aka the Scrum Master’s time to shine!  


Katrina is an alumna of Kennesaw State University where she earned an M.S. in Conflict Management in 2011 and B.B.A. in International Business with Marketing and Spanish in 2008. She is an advocate for utilizing vision boards and Kanban for goal setting, managing her personal day-to-day activities, and moving her own needle toward personal transformation. This extends to her vocational and avocational endeavors. She lives in Sugar Hill, GA with her two cats, Avery and Fiona.

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