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Marelys Garcia
Co-Founder & CEO


Marelys L. Garcia is a highly skilled facilitator, creative leader, and supply chain strategist with over two decades of experience in the field. She is a people-centric professional with a passion for co-creating solutions that transform organizations. Marelys has a proven track record of developing and executing effective strategies through collaborative business relationships and influential leadership. 


Driven by a desire to empower others more directly, in 2017 Marelys co-founded Mindslines, where she has played an instrumental role in launching and growing the company, helping to define its product offerings and business strategy.


This collaborative platform brings together a team of experts to create impactful learning experiences sharing their knowledge and empowering career development for first-line managers and emergent leaders embarking on their leadership journeys.  Marelys recognizes these individuals as the backbone of any organization, with immense potential to influence company culture and a large swathe of employee experience. “First-time leaders often lack extensive experience in leadership, Mindslines bridges this gap by offering them the opportunity to acquire essential skills, shaping their leadership approach from the outset, equipping them to create lasting positive change within their teams and organizations”.


Her dedication to learning extends beyond her master’s degree in industrial and systems engineering. Marelys further honed her skills through the leadership and innovation program at MIT and became a certified Brain-Base Coach at the Neurol Leadership Institute.


Before starting Mindslines Co., Marelys held senior-level positions in procurement and logistics at Pet Retail Brands and IBM. At Pet Retail Brands, she served as the Sr. Director of Procurement and Process Optimization and was responsible for managing all indirect procurement spend across the enterprise. 


At IBM, Marelys held several key positions, and was recognized for her innovative approach to procurement. Marelys received the "Best of IBM Achievement Award" in 2017, a recognition given to only 1,000 IBM employees worldwide each year for outstanding business achievements.


In addition to her professional experience, Marelys has held international assignments at IBM in Madrid Spain, and Melbourne, Australia. These experiences have shaped her career and life and have been the inspiration to what is today her mission: help others grow their career and improve their lives by becoming the best version of themselves.

AIC 2024 Presentation

AI Uncovered: A CIO's Journey into the Future of IT

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