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Murali Mallina
Chief Technology Officer


I believe in the words of Grady Booch, ' .. it is a tremendous privilege as well as a deep responsibility to be a software developer'. This is even more important now as we power break through solutions with AI. We cannot afford to treat AI as a black box and codify our latent and existential biases into our future in the name of AI. AI must be explainable and responsible.

Studied to become an Electrical Engineer but fell in love with computers and began my journey as a software developer about 20 years ago. Since then, I had the privilege of working with and building great teams to craft business applications and solutions, across a variety of technology stacks and domains. From engineering systems in wireless to empowering data insights to human centered user interfaces to training platforms for building great talent.

Always learning and love teaching. It has been quite a journey already and looking forward to continue to learn by doing and teaching others. I have been also spending most of my weekends these days as a Google CS First Guru to get kids excited about CS and learning from them on how to learn something new.

Had the privilege of working with great teams at AG Communications Systems, Alcatel-Lucent, BorgWarner, Colaberry, Dell, Indus Valley, Infosmart, INSPIONS, Novedea, Razorfish, Verisign and Wipro Technologies.

AIC 2024 Presentation

AI Uncovered: A CIO's Journey into the Future of IT

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