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Senior Level IT leader with an adaptable skill set designed to delight customers by delivering value. Accomplished Agile Coach and Trainer with a proven track record of planning, coordinating, and delivering projects successfully within a leading global technology network. Committed to solving complex problems in today's fast pace business environments. Dedicated to delivering results through effective team development, collaboration, communication, and process improvement. Possesses strong leadership traits required to be an effective leader, coach, and mentor by placing a high value on people, processes, and technology. Strong interpersonal, and soft skills while working with a variety of teams in a collaborative manner.

AIC 2023 Presentation

Agile Anti-Patterns

My topic is Agile Anti - Patterns! What are they, and how can you navigate through them?


In this discussion we will identify the top pain points that lead to these patterns, and come up with innovative ways on how to solve them.


Be prepared for an interactive session that will keep you engaged and informed

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