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I love to help organizations optimize work flow, but what really energizes me is when I can partner with others to develop and create happy teams, resulting in even happier customers.  Having gained experience in the financial services, e-commerce, insurance and energy industries, I enjoy coaching, facilitating, teaching, and mentoring at all levels and measure results based on client feedback.   Causes close to my heart where I've enjoyed volunteering my time:  Business Lead for Diversity and Inclusion, Global Strategic Partner of Recruitment and Engagement for the Women in Leadership ERG, speaking and serving in the Women in Agile organization, past work with youth in the Junior Achievement program and advocating for organ donation through service at community events and in speaking engagements, telling my personal story.  What I know is that everything we do in business is to serve people.

AIC 2023 Presentation

The One With All The Frameworks

You've heard the arguments, right?


"We use "X" framework because it's the best!" or perhaps, "X" is the only framework that's truly agile!"


As change agents, let's talk candidly about frameworks.  How can we agree to disagree?  Experience and knowledge matter, but what are we doing as a community to best serve and understand when we see that people need our help? In this session, we will talk about why frameworks matter or don't matter and I'll offer some tangible takeaways and tools I've experimented with to help you have great conversations both in your organization and your agile communities.

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