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Veronica Stewart
Organizational Effectiveness and Change Guide

Ingenious Agile


Veronica Stewart, a seasoned Agile Leader and Organizational Change Manager based in the Tampa Bay area, boasts over 15 years of experience in strategic execution and innovation. Certified in Agile, PMP, Lean Change Management, and PROSCI, she excels in adaptable change management with insights-driven strategies. Veronica is known for her creative complex problem-solving skills and her ability to facilitate quick decision-making in complex situations, including change design sprint workshops. With a background as a High School Science Teacher and certification in Brain-Based Coaching from the Neuroleadership Institute, she leverages neuroscience techniques to unlock human potential and drive organizational agility. Veronica's expertise lies in integrating behavioral science and product thinking into data-driven change initiatives across diverse sectors such as finance, healthcare, and education. Her passion for fostering innovation and navigating change makes her a sought-after professional in the field.

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